“As a new member of the retirement community, nothing means more than taking time to reflect on my many years at Pepsi Cola.  It is amazing how the daily production and supervision of employees all equate to what Mark’s podcasts are about.  Daily reflections guide us to where our destiny will lead.  Thank you, Mark Smith,”

Dale Lewis

Pepsi Cola Bottling Company

“Understanding the reason of our situations, is often one of the most difficult tasks that we all have to deal with.  When faced with adversity, a natural reaction is not to look at the big picture, or even focus on the message that is designed for us to receive.  The Process has been very instrumental in answering so many of the “whys,” more importantly, offering clarity to the next steps that are wise for us to take.

Carla Melesi

De Rosa Collections, USA

“When Mark says COMFORT is a CASUALTY of GROWTH, that is clear in everyone’s PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE.  The clever use of his acronyms creates the seamless knowledge transfer and retention that stays in the forefront of our minds and becomes practical in daily application.”

James LeBlanc

Author- The Miracle